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Using iPad as computer instead of Ultrabook?

Desktop computers, ultrabook laptops and all in one computers are really powerful devices, but without good software they would not be so good. Software, operating system transform all the hardware from the computers to powerful and fully functional devices for working, writing, browsing the internet. Computers operating systems allow you to have more than one […]

Recover Deleted SMS from Motorola with MobiKin Doctor for Android

SMS is a very important part in our mobile phones, right? When you mistakenly deleted some important text messages, how do you recover these messages from cell phone. As it is known to all that Motorola is a popular android phone on the market, which have gained a lot of loyal fans in recent years. […]

HCL AE2V0130-U

HCL has not been very successful in selling ultrabooks in India. The chief reason being the fact that the company just purchases the laptops from either Philippines or China and re-badges them for India market. People in India have finally realized that HCL products are no longer good enough which explains their poor ultrabook sales. […]