Dell Ultrabook

Dell XPS 12

The XPS 12 is a powerful convertible that has a touchscreen display that swivels around to give you a Windows 8 tablet experience. The magnets on the side of the screen keeps the display in place. The

Dell Latitude 6430u

The Latitude 6430u is a 14 inch ultrabook from Dell that is build on the success of Dell XPS 13. The new design is said to be about 33 percent slimmer and 16 percent lighter than Dell’s

Dell XPS 13

A lot of people think Asus ultrabooks are the best windows ultrabooks out there. Dell has not been very quick to get into the ultrabook market, but they are here and they have a fleet of their

Dell Inspiron 14z

Dell Inspiron 14z is one of the few ultrabooks in the market that comes with a built in DVD burner and offers amazing performance at an unbeatable price.  It has good battery and has good keyboard design

Dell XPS 14

The XPS ultrabook is the flagship of the revamped lineup of Dell and its specs it a decent competitor to Apple ultrabook. However, it is way heavier than any other 14 inch ultrabook. Dell is selling two