Sony Ultrabook

Sony VAIO Duo 13

Looks like Sony is finally getting serious about the ultrabook market. Its newest model is the Vaio Duo 13 that is a slider hybrid laptop that features a slider design that lets the user to use the ultrabook both as tablet and laptop. It is very thin and packs a 8 mega pixel camera on […]

Sony Vaio T14

Sony is now offering T14, which is a bigger version of Vaio T13 ultrabook. Instead of adding cutting edge features such as high resolution screen and discrete graphics, Sony opted to add an optical drive. To be honest, we are quite disappointed with the company that could have atleast increased the number of USB ports […]

Sony Vaio T SVT11113FGS

If the designs of other ultrabooks do not entice you and you find the size of the 13.3 inch Vaio SVT13113ENS a bit bigger, you might want to check out the 11.6 inch Vaio T SVT11113FGS. Other than the change in display size, specs have not gone any change when compared to the 13.3 inch […]

Sony Vaio T SVT13113ENS

Sony Vaio T SVT13113ENS is an ultrabook powered by Sandy Bridge processor that features a 13.3 inch display, much like the new mini laptops. However, it is much thinner than the latter as it is an ultrabook, not your typical fat laptop. It is powered by Core i3 2367M processor, which is much powerful than […]