Cheapest Windows 10 laptops on sale in India right now

A lot of Indian people search for cheapest laptops in India as there is a sudden surge in demand and popularity to buy the best cheap windows 10 laptop in India. The windows 10 is the latest operating system from Microsoft and It packs latest features and start menu button of windows 7 which according to many had an edge over the windows 8 in terms of being more laptop and desktop centric.

When looking for a laptop with windows 10 operating system in India there are several things to keep in mind before pressing that buy now button a website. First and foremost is screen size. Many just buy any cheap netbook in India and later repent as they needed a laptop with bigger display. We aren’t saying a cheap netbook in India is a bad thing. Netbooks are great for those who are looking for portability and not for those who spend a lot of time in front of screen. For instance the Acer Aspire One 751 makes use of 11.6 inch display which makes the laptop quite portable but it is also real uneasy for long duration use. Read the Acer 751 review here. They are also ideal for those looking for a small mini laptop with excellent battery life.

Netbooks are now quite powerful and can handle just about any application with ease as Intel has improved their power output in quite a big way. Also all and any cheap netbook in India retails for under 20000 Indian rupees and come with genuine and pre installed windows 10 on board so no need to worry at all about piracy. But the downside if buying a netbook in India is that all most models come with meager 32GB solid state drives. Take this Lenovo Yoga 11 ultrabook for example which comes with 32GB of eMMC SSD storage. This is very fast and boots apps instantly but you are left with little space for applications and games. So stay away from Lenovo Yoga 11 or similar laptops if your work does not revolves around cloud storage.

While there are many advantages of solid state drives, we find it hard to justify 32 gigabyte storage since you will be left with mere 14-15GB storage as majority is occupied by windows installation.

So what should you look out for when getting a cheap windows 10 laptop in India? The first thing is display size. Get a mainstream laptop with 15 inch display and with a hard disk of size 500GB or more. Also see if you are getting a minimum of 4GB memory but if you’re a graphic designer, photo editor or a video editor, consider getting a cheap laptop with 8GB RAM and 1TB hard disk drive. Some of the cheap laptops with windows 10 in India do not come with windows on board but are totally compatible with windows 10. So buy only these laptops if you’re comfortable installing windows 10 in India by yourself.

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