Coolpad Note 3 Plus user reviews

1) user review #1

To begin with things to start with, The Note 3 Plus variation is not a commendable redesign over the normal Coolpad note 3.The just up degree being the presentation, which now is a 1080p one. The pixel thickness is more than 400ppi, which makes it an extraordinary showcase at the cost.

Other than that, there is not a lot happening in the Plus variation which makes it unique in relation to the past form. Be that as it may, When you take a gander at the cost. They haven’t expanded it as well. It is been sold on the same value the Note 3 was being sold on, a couple of months back. In this way, we can’t whine.

With the 1080p showcase and a 400+ ppi the presentation will be more honed. In any case, that additionally brings down the battery life to some degree. Everything else is indistinguishable. The fabricated quality and has a striking resemblance as the past note 3.The metal edge is still set up. In spite of the fact that it measures somewhat heavier at this point.

The camera is a reasonable arrangement at the cost. Pictures are sharp under great lighting condition yet things get poor in low light or night shots. The camera centering velocity is exceptionally poor in indoor lighting conditions. The front snapper takes some splendid pictures. The post preparing makes your skin sparkle yet once more, it needs a decent lit environment. The Video recording part is not that noteworthy. The video needs subtle elements however it stays greatly balanced out than some costly phones. All things considered the camera pictures are usable.

It is furnished with an under timed and low profile processor and GPU. The same comes inside the k4 note which is far costly than this one. The 3GB is an or more here, at this value it’s a wonderful arrangement. The User experience stays slack free and the ram administration is fine. The applications fire up genuine brisk as whatever other phone at this cost. The UI is somewhat not quite the same as stock android, however you will get accustomed to it in few days. All capacities are open effortlessly.

The gaming execution is normal you can run any amusement which requires less GPU power. Like Temple run, Clash of tribes, Mini local army, dream group soccer and million others. In any case, with top of the line recreations like Modern battle and GT dashing you will encounter real slacking.

It likewise accompanies a Gyroscope sensor so you can encounter VR to its most extreme, additionally you can watch the 360 degree recordings with full usefulness. The 1080p presentation may support the VR experience

The phone gets somewhat hot on utilization keeping in mind charging. You may feel a little bit uncomfortable while calling particularly after a gaming session as the gadget will be minimal hot. In spite of the fact that the call quality is great.

The battery execution is not that extraordinary. Having a 3000mah battery doesn’t help it survive a full working day. On the off chance that you are a substantial client, you will need to charge the Coolpad note 3 or more for 2 times each day without a doubt (relies on your usage).Though I haven’t saw any bizarre battery depleting amid typical use.

The unique mark scanner works faultlessly. It is amongst the best I have utilized, the exactness rate is 100 percent to the extent I have utilized it.Also it is set at the rear which most clients lean toward.

Finishing up my audit: truth be told, Coolpad is giving a considerable measure at this cost. Determination astute you can’t grumble anything. It is estimated at an exceptionally focused cost. Be that as it may, on the off chance that you need better execution and battery life, spend a little and go for redmi note 3, ZUK Z1 or the meizu note 3.They all are incredible and better phones. You additionally have lenovo k5 plus,but it does not have a unique mark scanner. The 720p presentation adaptation of coolpad note 3 is additionally great, the showcase is fine and nothing terrible about it. At long last, in the event that you can’t spend more than 9000 INR and need the most component rich phone, Coolpad note 3 or more ought to be your pick.

2) user review #2

Bundling was OK


The coolpad box looked smooth. Coolpad bundling was great

I requested the gold shading phone. What’s more, it looks simply great. Exceptionally premium quality .

Begun the phone. Continued pleasantly.!


Exceptionally delicate and in addition to it has a glove mode with which the affectability increments much more

Show – pleasant presentation. Numerous individuals audit that the showcase is decent yet needs hues. It does on the standard mode yet it additionally has a striking and a full custom mode with which you can get whatever showcase you need

Unique mark scanner-its great however I don’t how great it is as it the principal phone with scanner I’ve utilized till date

Everything I can say everything relies on upon how well u examine ur finger. Check ur finger appropriately and it works like a pearl.

Sound-anticipated. The volume is on the lower side however

Speed-fast. U can multitask all u need on this as around 1.7 GB of ram is free for the client

1.3 GHz processor with the full HD presentation may moderate overwhelming gaming however. So amusements top of the line diversions which worked easily on note 3 may not do as such on the note3 in addition to because of the full HD show.

Battery-3000mah so it will most recent a day effortlessly with WiFi and light gaming.

I’ve not attempted it on portable information however.

In the event that you purchase this phone: 1) Put the screen protect (purchase another one as the one which accompanies the phone is plastic)

2) Scan ur finger appropriately

I’ll overhaul my survey with time

The phones won’t baffle u!

Overhaul following 3 days.

Battery charges from 18-100 in two hours

However of course with this full HD show, battery won’t most recent a day with gaming. With nonstop WiFi surfing it goes on for around 12 hrs.

Slight warming on playing fluid stream gaming

3) user review #3

To begin with up all I am composing this survey following a week of utilization, as name itself Coolpad it’s truly a cooling cushion, I had observed heaps of motion pictures, even after a persistent utilization of 3hrs I didn’t distinguish any warming, no warming issues, the unique mark scanner working in miniaturized scale seconds quick, 3 GB of RAM phenomenal for gaming, camera programming in Coolpad Note 3 or more has been enhanced, superb camera quality.(past camera was the other issue we had with Coolpad Note 3 and lite models) 3000mah battery is truly a decent, full HD observes full HD motion pictures in extraordinary solace .at long last now Coolpad Note 3 or more is produced in India

4) user review #4

It’s as great a 4g phone you can buy under ₹10,000. In spite of the fact that the UI is not’s some tea, the phone more than compensates for it in execution. I have kept as much as 20 applications out of sight including overwhelming diversions, still, no slack at all. I’m really inspired with this phone. Camera is above normal, looks are rich, unique finger impression sensor is brisk or more all it packs a punch in execution dept. Put it all on the line

5) user review #5

The phone is totally astounding however little warming issues as it were. Battery life is fine keeps going a day effectively. The screen is very dynamic and sharp edges. However something look minimal gleaming which gives a silly look. The phone doesn’t have that much hold so require a spread it is likewise because of extensive screen size. Watching movies and playing amusements are likewise entirely great. It underpins the very gadget as well. By and large a spending phone with some great specs. There is no slack issue following 5 days of utilization. Prescribed for individuals who needs to spend less need more.

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