Intel Core i7-3689Y Benchmark

The Intel Core i7-3689Y is an ultra low voltage processor for ultrabook laptops. It is based on Ivy Bridge architecture and supports hyperthreading via which its two cores can handle up to 4 threads simultaneously. This processor is being used in Ideapad 11S by Lenovo. We were able to spend some time with it and given the opportunity, we ran few benchmarks on its processor, which is Core i7 3689Y.

Intel Core i7-3689Y Benchmark

First, here are the Windows Experience Index scores.

Processor 6.9
Memory 7.2
Graphics 4.8
Gaming graphics 6.2
Primary hard disk 7.9

Pretty impressive, right? Then we ran PCMark 7 on it. We were able to get 4203. You can see its screen shot on the start of this post. These scores are at par with the Core i5 3337U CPU that got 4534 in the same test.

Intel Core i7-3689Y Benchmark

And here is the screenshot of crystalmark 2004R3 benchmark app – ALU 37877, FPU 35072, MEM 26665, HDD 34062, GDI 12336, D2D 1692, OGL 4532.

Core i7-3689Y Benchmark

These results are truly impressive for a processor with 13 Watt!

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