HCL ME Ultrabook Review

HCL Me Ultra 3074 is an ultrabook with its pricing gone wrong. Why? Acer offers a similar package (Acer Timeline Ultra M5) that is priced similar to this HCL ultrabook and offers better processor and discrete graphics (Nvidia 640M LE GPU).

hcl me ultrabook review

While this HCL ultrabook looks expensive from outside, the company, once again did a good job in ripping its (Indian) people by offering it with slow processor and no discrete graphics. The lid has been given aluminum finish that gives it an Apple ultrabook (Macbook Air) like feel. That said, the build quality is not ground breaking. Our review unit flexed and made weird noises.

hcl me 3074 ultrabook review

The hinge also appears to the very weak and will probably break within few months of use, which will force you to deal with the horrid HCL customer support.

Battery life, on the other hand, is pretty good. We were able to get 5 hours from it by doing web surfing and simple document editing.

Verdict – Poor performance (due to Core i3 3217u processor) and built quality issues, unfortunately, force us to NOT recommend this HCL ultrabook.

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