Using iPad as computer instead of Ultrabook?

Desktop computers, ultrabook laptops and all in one computers are really powerful devices, but without good software they would not be so good. Software, operating system transform all the hardware from the computers to powerful and fully functional devices for working, writing, browsing the internet. Computers operating systems allow you to have more than one program opened, but the iPad does not allows you to open more than one application (program). That can be a problem for some business users who needs to work a lot and needs to use few programs simultaneously. Ultrabooks do not have this problem as they run full blown version of windows just like any other laptop of desktop out there.

Using iPad as computer instead of Ultrabook

Apple iPad is and all other tablets are ideal for business people, but good enough only for sending / receiving mails and for browsing the internet. However by buying some accessories and few app, you can use your iPad to replace ultrabook if you are only into web browsing and media consumption. This is because iPad operating system is restricted and can not replace desktop / laptop operating systems (Windows, Mac OS and Linux) in terms of freedom. To transform iPad into the computer you will need a lot of accessories: you will need to have stand for iPad, wireless or Bluetooth keyboard, but advanced business users will probably need a wireless printer, Apple Composite AV Cables, and probably Apple iPad Camera Connection Kit.

For all these accessories you will need to spend a lot of money. However a set of productivity applications costs only $9.99 which is not too expensive. But as we have already told you the accessories for the iPad cost a lot and even then the iPad can not replace your ultrabook full time. It might be useful when you are on trip or out of home or office to check mails, or find something on the internet. It will be useful for writing something or editing few things in documents but it can not replace ultrabook or notebook. If you need small computer with all features of laptop or desktop computer we advise you to buy a 11 inch screen ultrabook which can be connected to existing printer that you probably own and have all standard connectors.

Even the new 11 inch ultrabooks are powerful enough for doing heavy duty stuff like video editing and photoshop work since most of them, for instance Dell Inspiron 11 3000 come equipped with latest Intel Core i3, i5 or i7 processors which are very powerful and yield excellent battery life.

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