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Coolpad Note 3 Plus user reviews

1) user review #1 To begin with things to start with, The Note 3 Plus variation is not a commendable redesign over the normal Coolpad note 3.The just up degree being the presentation, which now is a

Using iPad as computer instead of Ultrabook?

Desktop computers, ultrabook laptops and all in one computers are really powerful devices, but without good software they would not be so good. Software, operating system transform all the hardware from the computers to powerful and fully

Toshiba Z830 Review

We mentioned the Toshiba Z830 on ultrabook India’s website last year in July. Here is the review of it. For those who do not know much about it, the Z830 is the first generation ultrabook with a

Intel Core i7-3689Y Benchmark

The Intel Core i7-3689Y is an ultra low voltage processor for ultrabook laptops. It is based on Ivy Bridge architecture and supports hyperthreading via which its two cores can handle up to 4 threads simultaneously. This processor