Wipro Ultrabook Price in India and specifications

Wipro Ego Ultra book

Wipro Ego Ultra is what the best the company can offer for Indian market. While its first two thin laptops (Aero book and Aero Alpha)barely had any elements of true ultrabook, this one, the Ego Aero Ultra

Wipro Ego Aero Alpha

If you want 2 year old technology packed in an ultrabook shell, get the Aero Alpha from Wipro. While Wipro wants us to call the Aero Aplha an ultrabook, we would not be able to do so.

Wipro Ego Aero Book

Wipro Ego Aero Book is an India-only ultrabook that features a 11.6 inch display like like Vaio T 11 ultrabook, but packs the outdated Core i5 2467M processor. Available in only white color, there is no USB