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Ultrabook India is a website all about ultrabooks, their prices, specs and features. We give reference links to other useful websites whenever required. We also welcome advertisers.

So, what are Ultrabooks?

Earlier, these laptops did not come with optical drives, but the new ones by Acer and Sony feature optical drives as well, while keeping the overall profile thin and highly mobile. Also, keep in mind that we are not the actual sellers. The ultrabook India website just provides specs and reviews of the products available in the market. We are not affiliated with Intel, any vendor and we do not sell any product on this website.

Not all ultrabooks are more powerful than laptops, but some of them do have additional features like the ability to transform into a slate. Manufactures do this by using swivel type display. Intel has made it mandatory to use SSD instead of HDD as it lets the manufactures to make slimmer computers. Another advantage of using SSD instead of HDD is the fact that the former weighs much less than that HDD. It is much, much faster too.

Intel processors for such thin laptops consume very little power (as low as 10 watts) and feature integrated graphics card. Couple that with SSDs that consume far less power than HDD, battery life is also increased. Intel’s Haswell chips use 22nm manufacturing technology that will further boost battery life. It is recommended to get them with Windows 8 pre loaded as that OS comes with several tweaks which boost battery runtimes. The new Windows 8 architecture suspends idle operating of idle applications and pushes some apps into the background. This prevents overloading of memory and CPU. Most of the ultrabook computers come with 4GB or 8GB RAM. Haswell processors will bump this capacity to 16GB / 32GB in future. Haswell will deliver DirextX performance 2x-3x faster than the current generation processors. This power is more than enough to run most of the modern games out there at decent FPS.