Dell XPS 14

The XPS ultrabook is the flagship of the revamped lineup of Dell and its specs it a decent competitor to Apple ultrabook. However, it is way heavier than any other 14 inch ultrabook. Dell is selling two variants of it  – one with Core i5 and another with i7 processor. Both variants come with discrete graphics. The XPS 14 exemplifies the face of the new Dell and looks like a high end ultrabook made with premium materials and rock-solid construction.

Dell XPS 14 ultrabook india specs



* 14 inch display
* 1600 x 900 pixel resolution
* Intel Core i5 2.6GHz / i7 3517U processor
* Intel HD 4000 graphics
* 500 GB (Serial ATA, 5400 rpm) + 32GB SSD
* 2x USB 3.0 ports
* Card reader
* HDMI, mini displayport, LAN, headphone jack
* 802.11n Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 3.0
* Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium OS

The XPS 14 retails for 1100 dollars in US and Rs 82,990 in India.

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