How to Transfer music from iPod, iPhone and iPad to Mac

Apple users prefer to upload music files to Mac computer. The transferring processing is so simple for users to operate if they download professional software of Coolmuster iPhone to Mac transfer on their computer before transferring. First of all, users need to connect Apple devices such as iPod to Mac computer, and then iTunes can be opened automatically. If there is no transferring software on users’ computer, users can click “iTunes download” and then enter “add files in data bank” on the upper functional bar. If all files in the folder need to be transferred to computer, users can select “add folder to data bank”. In the selected folder, users can choose the target files in MP3 format to open it. And then the file can be found in the music file in the folders. It means that the transferring processing is very fast than expected. It transfers all data including messages, contacts, photos, music, and purchase items from iPhone, iPad and iPod to computer, this is the example for transferring music from iPod to Mac.


If users need to export all files from Apple devices such as iPod and iPhone, the devices can be opened for checking. In the “devices”, users can find out the responding Apple devices in the list so as to select it. According to the list, all music files are displayed in the right side screen. With the items on the top of functional bar, users can click all. And then the same files can be obtained on the Mac computer.

Coolmuster iPhone to Mac transfer is the wonderful transferring software in the world so far. It supports all kinds of version such as iOS, iTunes, and Mac. It does not need to install on the Apple devices. As the professional Apple devices assistant, it supports most of format including music, pictures and documents. The program can go through all music files on Apple devices with scanning function and then display them one by one according to the name order, it can directly copy music from iPhone to Mac without iTunes, the contents of music file contain the duration of playback, singer information, music album, style and other information.


In fact, same thing of the transferring function can be used when users need to transferring music file from Mac computer to iPod or iPhone devices. Besides this, there is another method for user to adopt for transferring music files from iPod to Mac computer. In the playlist, users can select target music files from computer memory, and then press the key of “Ctrl” to select responding files. By clicking the right mouse, in the “add files to playlist”, users can choose the devices name on the top of the list, and then to download music files into the Apple devices accordingly and quickly. The transferring processing is so easy for green hand to handle without guidance of IT professional engineers. The steps explained above refer to most of details of transferring procedure. For most of users, as long as follow up this instructions step by step, music files can be imported and exported easily and quickly as users expectation.

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