JWFY USB Wired Gaming Mouse Review, must have for gaming and professional users

Ultrabook laptops are mostly used by professionals and they have need high accuracy tools to select objects on the display. One of the most important devices that they use to interact with the screen is a high DPI mouse. A high DPI mouse allows you to select objects with higher accuracy compared to a conventional mouse. The JWFY mouse that we are talking here packs whopping 5500 DPI and has LEDs built in that makes it look very cool.


The JWFY USB Wired Gaming Mouse retails for $5.12 at gearbest.com and is compatible with all operating systems till date. This includes Windows XP, Windows ME, Windows Vista, Win7, Win8, Mac OS and the latest Windows 10. The cable is very long, measuring 1.5 meters, which is great if you are using your ultrabook laptop at home.


There are several buttons on the mouse, a total of seven that are by default assigned to back, forward, left mouse button, right mouse button, double click, mouse wheel, DPI. So if you do not wish to be in high DPI mode, you can easily change it to something you are more comfortable with. For instance, I am fine at 1000 DPI, so I reduced the DPI from 5500 to 1000 with a press of few buttons. You can find more keyboard and mice at gearbest.com.


It is very ergonomically designed to ensure that it fits in your hands comfortable and you are able to use it for several hours without any fatigue. While it is made of plastic, it feels very solid and durable in the hands.

The JWFY USB Wired Gaming Mouse measures 13 x 8.5 x 2.5 cm / 5.11 x 3.34 x 0.98 inches and weighs 104 grams only. It does not require any special software to work – as it is a valid PAP device.

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